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about us

We are an experienced team of Canadian multi-disciplinary Health providers who share a core value that the needs of our patients come first. We are united by a common vision of compassionate, quality, accessible, respectful, and patient-centred care.

General Medical services

Family Medicine, Hepatitis C Nursing, Multi-Specialty Referral Services.

Mental Health Services

Psychology, Counseling and Addictions Care

Occupational Health Services

Occupational Health and Safety (OHSS), Lab Services.


Healthcare Consulting, Community Outreach Services, Virtual Care Services


Our philosophy is simple: The patient comes first.

Our Team

We believe that the best care happens when our patient’s needs and wishes, are at the center of a fully focused and collaborative care model.



Family Physicians and Specialists


Hepatitis Support Nursing


Wellness Consultants + Nutritionists


Naturopathic Health Practitioners


Mental Health + Addictions Services


Occupational Health Services


Travel Care


Virtual Care Services

Local Community and Global Outreach

Our Healthcare Providers have volunteered and served Community and Global Organizations for over 25 years, and continue to. Our team has brought healthcare and development projects to communities in Northern Saskatchewan, Haiti, and West Africa. Our projects include Advocacy, immunization, Educational, Treatment programs, and virtual care visits (Telehealth).


Year of our First volunteer mission to a HIV orphanage, Trinidad


Number of countries our Healthcare Team members have volunteered in


Languages spoken by our Healthcare team


Ongoing global virtual care Projects (Saskatchewan, Haiti, West Africa)

Your Privacy

We at Outpost Health understand that your health information is confidential, and highly sensitive. We are committed to keeping it secure , using the most sophisticated available methods of security.

The physicians and Staff of our clinic Network are committed to protecting your privacy. This brochure is intended to tell you what steps we are taking to protect your privacy, and to tell you of your rights under Saskatchewan law.

The Collection and Use of your Information

In order to provide you with quality health care, we keep a record of information about your health status and a record of the care that we have provided to you. We may need to share this information with other health professionals or institutions who are involved in your care. However, we will only share your information on a “need to know”

basis and will share only the information necessary to provide you with proper care.

We may provide information to other physicians or health professionals who are treating you, pharmacists who dispense drugs that we prescribe, and hospitals or other medical facilities where you are receiving care.

We also must meet legal requirements to disclose medical information in certain specific circumstances. We may be required to provide information about your medical care:

· To agencies who pay for the care we provide to you;

· When the law requires us to report a patient’s condition.

For example, we are required to report information about child abuse or neglect, some communicable diseases, and medical conditions that may interfere with a patient’s ability to drive safely;

· To respond to an investigation by the College of Physicians and Surgeons;

· In response to a court order.

Access to your Patient Record

Unless there are unusual circumstances, you have the right to review and/or obtain copies of your patient chart.

If access or copies are provided, our clinic may charge a reasonable fee to cover our expenses.

Changes to your Patient Record

You can request a change to the information in your patient record if you think that there is an error or omission in the record. We will place a notation on your chart that you requested the amendment, and may include a notation of our opinion about the accuracy of your amendment.

Security and Protection of your Information

We will keep accurate records of your health information and will follow all legal requirements for the security, retention and destruction of these records.

The CHARGE Program

What is the CHARGE program?

It’s about Comprehensive, Healthy Alternatives for Recovery, Growth and Education.

  • We support Patients and their Families in overcoming Addiction, Substance use and associated Mental Health conditions
  • Our affiliated Mental Health Therapists provide personalized and culturally-sensitive counselling toward Recovery
  • Our team of Physicians, Pharmacists, Nurses and Counsellors deliver a holistic approach to care, which may also include Methadone or Suboxone treatment, if appropriate.

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